Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Avery - March

I played with Cici for an hour before Avery was to arrive. Wanted her to be ready! Cici that is. Avery always is.

I started out again with the featherweight, but noticed Cici seemed to need more of a connection. I got out my 22' and realized what a difference it made. Like a firm hand instead of a gossamer wing. She seemed much happier. Very interesting.

Tacked the girl up and the fun began. I mentioned to Avery how Cici had gone from really wonderful before I tacked her up yesterday to leaping in the air. Well today was a repeat. As soon as I asked for trot she started to wind herself up. Trotting faster and faster around, head up, and when I asked for canter - right lead - she would struggle, counter canter, cross canter or just flat out gallop. Going to the left she was still getting high headed and going faster, but she would canter left lead.

Today's objective was a nice right lead canter. Oh and Avery wanted me to get very particular about how I send her - first zone 1, then zone 2, then zone 3. Get her nose turned first, then her forehand and then sideways to her hind end. Also that if when I was walking towards Cici and if she didn't move and I had to stop - she was being dominant. Oh and if she didn't move her nose, and popped out her shoulder to me - she was blocking me. Being dominant. So much to think about in the space of a nano second.....Oh Boy!

I sure got to practice a lot! And the next issue was to get her attention as she was flying around on the circle. Avery says, "Shut her down" and change direction. And each change of direction was a being very particular about the send. Well I was struggling with the shut her down, before I could struggle with change of direction. And all of this was with that RB extravert she has now turned into. So all the pieces were supposed to be happening fast fast fast.

We are now in the "I've never seen this take more than 2 days" LOL. Well Day 1 ended with a soaking wet horse - heavy winter coat, cold day. Spent about an hour hand walking and changing sheets to cool her out and dry her off.

Avery's observation - with Cici its all about moving her feet. Said she is most comfortable at the walk. Gee so am I LOL!

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