Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fisher Cat Trail

Went out again with V for our second trail ride of the season and she said lets do the Fisher Cat Trail. So named for the two Fisher Cats we saw climbing big pine trees off the trail. Have the Sleeping Deer Trail, Red Tailed Hawk Trail, Precipice Trail, oh and the Cart Path.

The Fisher Cat Trail has this one steep hill that Georgie likes to tack across - zig zagging his way down, and Cici likes to skip down it. Today Georgie took it straight and Cici took her time. Its steep enough that while leaning back I grab hold of the cantle.

Lots of downed limbs and a few downed trees littering the trails. Some we just stomp through - that is Georgie's MO, and Cici is if he can do it so can I! - some we walked over and a couple we had to make adjustments to the trail.

Just before we get back there is a pool of water off the trail. I call it Violette's Pond for one of the other riders I first saw there hand walking her horse. When it gets dry during the summer this is a place of lush grass. Today the pool is still and V asks me "How's Cici with water?" as she starts to walk Georgie through it.

Cici stops at the edge and takes a sip. Then a longer drink, takes a couple of steps into the pool and then she starts to splash. V said, "Oh no, you know what that means?!?!?! She's going to roll!" I don't think she is but just to be safe, I don't want to go wading myself, I ask her to turn back to land and then circle her back into the water.

Georgie is standing quietly in the water near the other side. Cici needs a bit of encouragement as she really wants to do more splashing. And then we get to the deepest part and the water is over her knees. She plows through to the other side and keeps on quietly walking on.

Its strange to acknowledge that I am now much more comfortable riding on the trails than I am in the ring. I remember years ago my fears about trail riding and comfort with the ring. A balance would be nice. Comfort no matter where I'm riding.

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