Friday, March 25, 2011

Fire breathing dragon

We've been playing in the outside ring the last couple of times. How interesting it is! I don't know whom I'm more surprised or Cici. She is running true to form - leaping and galloping. Now wait a moment...this is what blogging is about....thinking about what happens....processing what happens....and having ah ha moments.

I realize I have been putting special emphasis on her antics in the outside ring. Thinking that they are different than what happens in the indoor. But WAIT ONE MOMENT....they are not different. They are the same. She will let herself get distracted by something and then use that to start moving her feet and then go RB and unconfident. Or like yesterday LB and exuberant. So what I planned on writing about is not what I'm writing about. Oh Boy!

Today she does indeed turn into a fire breathing dragon complete with sound effects. Her head is soooo high, I swear her neck grows. And her face becomes longer. And her legs finer. And her tail turns into a vertical flag. She is prancing and dancing. Galloping. No leaping. She is breathing hard and fast. Her nostrils are long and narrow and billowing with each quick breath. I have a RBE on the end of my 22' line - FLYING.

And what is totally amazing is that I am calm. I can think. I can appreciate how beautifully she is moving. I just watch her move. Wow. Love seeing this while I'm standing on the ground. Don't want to experience this from her back. Ever. And recognize that this is very different than yesterday's explosion which was LBE. I think we will see where this goes as I am planning on a trail ride with V. Know that I have a choice of getting on her or not. But what is most incredible to me is that I can deal with this. Don't feel that just because she is a fire breathing dragon one moment that I don't have the savvy to bring her back from the edge.

I use extreme friendly to interrupt her. I have to bring my energy way up to even get her to notice me and then drop it quickly as she comes in. She is bug eyed, nostril flairing and high headed. Her breathing is quick and rapid. She stands staring first over my head than lowers her head a smidge and stares at me. I wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. Outside I don't have music today LOL. No counting songs. I can see she is beginning to come into herself and a blink.

Wiggle my finger at her to back. She shakes her head. This is a great thing because it does indeed mean she is thinking, that she is back to being herself. So I wiggle it again and she shakes again and takes a step forward and puts her head on my chest. Ahhhh. Lowered head. Ask for back again and we go through the snorting on me, shaking of head, licking, chewing, more snorting and blowing as she comes off the adrenalin and back to earth.

All of this is before I even put a saddle on her. And when I tack her up and continue to play she is right there for me. A partner. Walk trot canter both directions soft and willing and correct leads in each direction.

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Marion Princic said...

oh wow, while reading your blogg i had some aha-moments!
greetings from sweden, marion & milva