Friday, March 26, 2010

Point to Point

Cici has it! By golly she has it!

After the usual at the mounting block, she finally stood still and I mounted from the right. She stood quietly once I got on. Now this is new for her. She has always just walked off once I mounted. And she has always done that, no matter what I did. So huge change here.

A while of just waiting at the mounting block until she lowered her head and licked and chewed. I then lifted the reins and focused on the barrel at the end of the arena. She locked on it like a homing device and with big strides, swinging hips (mine) she headed for it. Went right for the treat and gobbled it up. No hesitation today. Playing with her "will work for food drive" certainly produces good results.

She is now so focused on the treats and barrels she decided on her own to head to the next one. Now I'm wondering if this is progress or regression. Back to her taking control and off she goes. I tried to bend her and got lots of attitude before she got soft. She still does not like me picking up the reins to direct or bend her. Hmmm how interesting.

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