Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hurry up and wait

Cici did her slow step back at the mounting block so I walked her forward and then disengaged. She was soft through all of this. Took a few times, then I walked her to the mounting block on her right side and she stood and I mounted. And waited. and waited. Enjoyed the feel of the saddle. And waited. And waited. Finally she licked and chewed so off we went.

I had done a bit of point to point between two barrels online before saddling her up. I seeded the barrel tops with treats. I focused on one barrel and asked her to walk to it. Couple of steps and she stopped. We waited and waited. Then she decided on walking. When I lifted the rein to direct her to the barrel got a head toss. She ultimately stopped about 1 step before the barrel.

It was like she has never done point to point. Like she had not a clue why in the world she should even consider an interest in the barrels. Totally introverted. So we waited. And waited. And waited lots more. I'm enjoying sitting up here on her. I'm patient.

She finally takes a little step toward the barrel. And we wait. and wait. She puts her nose on the barrel. Yippee. And slowly sniffs it. Finds the treat! Takes it in her mouth but does not chew! So we wait. And wait. And wait. She chews!!! Feel like we have passed a huge threashold.

I ask her to walk to the other barrel. Slow going. I'm just along for the ride, I am not asking for anything more once she starts moving. She sniffs and finds the treat and now we are cooking. Point her to the mounting block. Now we have a walk. She goes right up to it and sniffs looking for treat. She licks and chews (there was no treat, I ran out). Back to the original barrel. When I get a lick and chew I hop off. Done for the day.

She is asking What happened?!?!?!? I blew my horse's mind by....waiting!?!

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Tina said...

What a lovely reminder of the importance of that wait time. I'm SO bad at it, myself! I've challenged myself to wait atleast 7 seconds each time I stop and it feels like an eternity. Thank goodness I don't have a horse that really NEEDS me to wait!