Sunday, March 7, 2010

Liberty like on line

Beautiful day finally. Blue sky, sun, footing not bad! I walked Cici to the outdoor ring. Mary had just dragged it and cleared away the snow piles and most of the ice. The ground was damp, with some wet spots but not the sinking into kind of spring ground. Underneath is still frozen so it was actually pretty good.

I closed the gate and took off the lead. Stood and looked and Cici - what do you want to do? She just hung with me, didn't take off to gallop about. So I walked away and she came with me, putting me in Zone 1. When I tried to slowly move back to Zone 3 she would stop. Then she decided looking for grass at the edge of the ring might be a good thing to do. Hmmm how interesting.

I left her nibbling at frozen morsels and got the 22 foot line. I originally hadn't wanted to keep it on her and have it dragging through the wet. Ha! So I walked back to her and she lifted her head up and with me in Zone 3 walked on. So here I was holding the clip end in one hand and pointing like I do when the line is attached to her halter. And holding the leather popper in my other hand. And dragging the 22 through the wet.

With me in this position she walked everywhere I asked with me in Zone 3 and then 4 and a bit of Zone 5. What a feeling!!! How interesting! LOL. With a huge smile on my face we walked around the ring. Oh both sides.

Then I dropped the line - it was wet and h e a v y by now, picked a couple of hollow stalks and used them to tap her on her side instead of the popper. Then I tried trotting off and SHE FOLLOWED! She let me get out in front but then she would catch me and put me right at the drive line. Oh what a perfect day. More huge smiles.

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