Monday, March 22, 2010

Great groundwork. ??? mounted.

Cici was fantastic on the ground. I was able to stay in Zone 4 and walk, trot and stop from there. It was the most incredible feeling. Oh both sides! Who is this horse?!? LOL. Circle game went well, she stepped right into her canter without scrambling.

Okay that is the good news ; -)

At the mounting block she stood still until I got up on it and then did her slow take a step back, out of position. I smiled and said oh good we get to work on backing porcupine game (hand lightly on face). And backed her softly 8 steps. Back to mounting block. Flapped stirrup strap, bounced up and down. She was fine. I stepped onto the block and slow step back. So I backed her 12 steps. She stopped and licked and chewed. Back to mounting block. Waited for lick and chew. But then the same thing. This went on for another 2 or 3 times.

I flapped the stirrup leathers, jumped up and down at mounting block waited for licking and chewing. She finally stood still. Mounted, still standing still. Hmm how interesting. Lateral flexion - she is soft but there is still attitude. I don't know how to explain it. She does release but then kind of flicks her nose in the air after I release. And I wait for her release, soft eyes, blinking and still get that little - up her nostril thing.

I do not get the feeling that when I lift the rein she is willingly, softly ready to stop. Just more attitude. Head up, head down, head flip. Oh she does bend and disengage but she is just waiting for my release. I am not really describing this properly because she is not bracing anywhere like what she did that first day. But even asking for a change or correction of direction gets attitude. Are you laughing and nodding your head? I am clearly getting stay out of my mouth. Do not pick up the reins. I can manage perfectly by myself.

At point to point - we would walk to a barrel. She would stop (I am not asking for lateral flexion here is that right?) and touch it with her nose and then not move when I asked her to. Pick up the rein and little flick of nose.

Guess after the great ground work was thinking great under saddle LOL. Okay am I in the "I've never seen this take more than two days?" Keep at it for 7 days and see a change? Am I doing anything wrong? My confidence is out the window.

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Lisa said...

My Cricket did that A LOT. Any time I touched the reins, she would flip her head with that attitude of "don't touch me there." I guess I had become too grabby with the reins and she was letting me know, loud and clear, that she didn't trust the movement of the reins. So I played a friendly game of lifting and dropping the reins, switching from left hand to right hand, combing the rein on either side, all the while just keeping a neutral "keep walking" feel to my energy. Once she stopped her "knee jerk" reaction to me touching the reins, we got better communication.

Sounds like you are doing great! I love those moments when I look at Cricket just to make sure she is my horse. I'm finally getting used to just how wonderful she can be.