Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm on!

I can't believe I didn't post the day I finally got on. See it was so anticlimatic. Ha.

Had the lesson on Tuesday with Avery. Cici was much more relaxed. I also was playing with her before Avery got to the farm, wanted her listening. And she was. So did a bit more on the ground and then Avery said okay let get on. And of course Cici reverted to her "oh I know all about this" personality and when I got on she started to just walk. When I tried to bend her (lateral flexion) she said "no I don't need to do that I know what I'm doing now." Avery laughed. She said she thought I'd get the dominant LB horse once mounted.

So now the fun begins in trying to convince Cici about the partnership that we have on the ground extends to me in the saddle. Oh the saddle is fantastic! Okay stirrups too long and Avery had to jury rig them but it was fabulous! The horn is very nice to rest a hand on.

Anyway Cici was bracing and resisting. And after she finally gave at lateral flexion I then asked for hind end disengagement. Quite the time we had. But Cici did get soft, ultimately. And began to walk with a gorgeous big swinging walk. I don't think I ever had that from her before. I'm planning on "staying the course" for a while. Working on soft giving lateral flexion and disengagement at the walk and trot and Avery says canter, before I go out on the trails with her. Oh I'm sure I could go out now and she would just take over and go, as she always has. But now that I have begun to experience the partnership on the ground I want it in the saddle! Soft listening harmony.

I rode again Friday. And while it wasn't as much a battle of head flipping and leaning into the bit as it was on Tuesday, I got more attitude today. Gee kinda of like Christine's Angel! Quickly she softened though. I only rode for a little while, until I had her soft and listening. Thought that was a good place to shop. More tomorrow.

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