Sunday, March 28, 2010

Point to Point 2 pt 2 pt 2pt 2pt

Cici sure has this down. Off to the barrel and frantically search the top for a treat. I haven't seen her like this before. Once she is done with that barrel off to the next. When she didn't find a treat I had her head in my lap. Then off to the next point, search for treat and...

Seems the idea has gotten lost here. No time for Hurry up and wait. When I picked up the reins I got head toss, nose straight in the air, no yield just argument. A challenge for me to hold the bend until she yielded - not release on a brace. But she does this yield then attitude thing. She can not keep her feet still. Hmmm how interesting. I didn't make this connection until I just wrote that. So hopefully next time I can keep her feet busy until she reconsiders - make my idea her idea. Oh Boy!

Quite honestly I was not feeling very confident with this behavior. But I hang in there until I do get a nice yield, quiet eye, and she stands still and miracles of miracles she licks and chews! And I'm off and we are done for the day.

An interesting note. When I saddled her, I tossed the NP up on her back but it was a bit far back on the pad. At least this time I got it up on the pad. I tried to reposition it but with not all my strength in my left arm yet I was really struggling. Thought I just need to be up higher - ah - the mounting block. So I walked her over to the mounting block with the saddle just sitting up there. I got on the block and adjusted the saddle and pad.

So what is the big deal? She stood completely still. No slow step back. I am on the block and that is her usual sign to step back. Of course when I had the saddle cinched and had played on the ground and then went back to the mounting block to mount....she took a slow step back. Hmmm how interesting.

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Lisa said...

You have my sympathy! Cricket and I went through this and it was just a little scary. One evening she was so argumentative that when I suggested moving 10 ft from the barrel to a cone, she tried to buck me off.

What is CiCi's horsenality? My Cricket is a big time LBI. The key with her was not giving her anything to argue about. It was hard, though. I had to learn to relax and accept her ideas for awhile. Not easy for an unconfident rider.