Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cantering on 22' line

Avery taught me something very important. I was circling Cici on the 22' and she said to ask her to walk, trot and canter, each direction before I get on. I said I've never asked her to canter on line. She does that when she goes RBI and starts to fly around.

So Avery explained to ask Cici at one place in the circle. Hit the ground one time with the string at her hind leg and if she does not pick up the canter, the next time hit the ground twice . And three times in fast repetition. And the moment she canters to disengage and ask her to come in.

Its all about timing. Its all about letting Cici know that I am there for her. It does not matter if her canter is off or if she is getting worried. She canters, I bring her in and let her rest and think about it. No pressure.


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