Sunday, February 27, 2011

Got stuck

Woke this morning to a couple of inches of new snow. Thought we were done with this stuff. Put on my jack and zipped up. Oh didn't get it right and got the zipper stuck. Really stuck. Stuck so bad I have to step out of the coat and put on another!

Roads are clear thankfully. But when I get to the barn the driveway has not yet been plowed. Car handles the snow fine. Meet M in parking area and she chides me about not waiting til 2 hours after the snow ends for her to plow. Suggests I pull car into outside ring. I do. I get stuck! Spinning wheels, going nowhere stuck!

Leave the car muttering I'll deal with it later. Go get Cici and play in indoor. But I can't stop thinking about stuck. I can't quiet my mind. When I am supposed to be quiet and waiting for Cici to lick and chew I realize I am not quiet of mind. That place I always go - quiet calm serene - is not there today. And Cici is picking up on this. When I ask her to trot on the circle she turns towards me, lifts her front end and manages to put a foot over the rope.

We are not in a good place. I let her back up and step over the rope. I thank her for bearing with me this morning, but I think it would be best if I bring her back to her paddock so she can finish her breakfast. And I go home.


Marion Princic said...

really like your blog :)

JMG said...

Why thank you! Your comment has help cheer up my day.