Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taking the time

Today in our play time I start Cici off with a bit of hands on her, sweeping her bladder meridians. Then grooming. We are in the corner and there is stuff, other people's trash around and she is wandering over to check it out. Ever hopeful that there is a treat buried somewhere. I quickly get upset at her not standing. Hmmm how interesting.

Move over to sideways along the wall. Nice steps and then friendly and wait for lick and chew. I find it hard to wait. But the first sideways is well worth the wait as she licks and licks and licks and licks. This is going to her right. Change direction and get resistance on the line. Attitude. She does not want to go sideways to her left. Change direction and nice feel. Change direction and she doesn't want to change direction. She backs, she lines herself up along the wall and walks forward. Am I that far out of position?

Focus, reorganize and she goes sideways. Hindend lagging. We are both struggling. Finally get a couple of nice steps, stop, friendly and wait. She has her head against the wall. It is slowly lowering. Her eyes are closing. I think she is going to sleep!

Move on to sideways around the barrels. We have been playing with this and then I ask her to walk just her front legs over the barrels and do a couple of steps sideways. Remember to end with friendly and wait. And wait and wait and wait. She blinks her eyes. No licking.

I'm aware that I keep thinking about time. What time it is, how much time I have, what time I need to leave. Try to put the time issue aside. But find myself glancing at the clock.

M comes into the ring and wants to talk. I am playing with circling and transitions and thinking about laps and ask Cici in. As I stand and listen to M talk and talk and talk, Cici finally licks and licks and licks and licks. It has taken quite some time for her to release. I am thankful that M has come to talk with me. This has given Cici the time she needed, that I was not giving her. Hmmm how interesting.

M leaves and we continue with circling and figure 8s and tack up and even manage to mount up and play stick to the rail at the walk and clover leaf patterns. Just quiet, calm, walking. Relaxed. Trying to find my rhythm again.

End with Cici yawning. Stretching her neck and head out and really really yawning. Shaking her head and more yawning.

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