Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Second day Freestyle

Wow two days in a row! But then Julie came from across the street to work her hunter pony.

The working consistently is making a huge difference with Cici. Online took a lot less time. And her licking and chewing is coming faster. Also the extreme friendly is beginning to take hold of her mind. I actually got a lick and chew with head up immediately after a lively sideways.

And she is settling into the stick to the rail. A decided if she argued I'd back her. Had to do that a couple of times at different places and she licked and chewed immediately. We were riding for about 15 minutes when Julie came in. Just walking along the rail with cloverleaf for variety. Cici was settling into the walking. And listening.

With Julie in ring I stopped Cici in question box and let her just think. And I waited and waited and waited for the licking and chewing. Cici was aware of the pony cantering around the ring - in front of her, around the side and behind. Her ears where keeping tabs on pony. But she was standing calmly head pointing straight. Cocked first one hind leg then the other. I wanted her to really really relax, so I used the environmental distraction to my advantage. Oh Boy!!!!

After Julie left we went back out to stick to rail and cloverleaf. And when I stopped again got more licking and head shaking and finally yawning! Yippee!!! I love boring my horse!

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