Monday, September 27, 2010


Sunday went to the barn with a plan. Groundwork and riding. Those were the plans, but I had to adapt. When I got there the horses had just been fed their morning hay. Cici and Casey were busy chowing down. Casey did lift his head out of the hay to come to the gate and greet me. Treats are better than hay to him.

Cici studiously ignored me. Didn't flick an ear, roll an eye or wrinkle her nose. Just kept her face buried deeper and deeper into the hay. I stood at the gate and waited and waited. Finally I said to her that I was going to clean the paddock while she ate and not ask anything of her. She lifted her head up and looked over her shoulder at me. Okay.

So clean up the paddock I did and then I sat on the rock and listened to her munch her morning hay. There was no one else around, but me and all the horses. Sun, some clouds and a bit cooler. But with no one around I will not ride, safety first. And since Cici had so much hay to eat I decided undemanding time was the best thing all around.


~kim said...

I too have days were my "plans" need adjusting. Sometimes these days turn into weeks due to either an illness or injury (me or my horses or both!). Interesting that each time we have these unexpected moments my horses make great progress next time we play.

One particular time last Feb I mentioned this to David Lichman during our lesson and he called this "deprivation training." He went on to say that horse's often improve with it.

Since then I occasionally toss a book into my truck, just in case. ;)

I must admit that those are the days I smile most about remembering.... reading a book while watching and hearing my horses happily munch or sleep.

JMG said...

Hmmm how interesting about the "deprivation training" comment from David. Yes she is usually really there for me the next time we play.