Sunday, September 19, 2010

Road trip

M showed V and me how to get over to Noon Hill by just walking through the neighborhood. Said it was 15-20 minutes to the woods. We were excited as that meant an easy way to get over to new trails without trailering.

Well it turned out to be 30 minutes of sidewalks and roads. Each way. The entire ride was 2 hours but that means half of it was roads.

The people we ran into on our journey were amazingly nice. If they had a dog they either brought them back into the house or put a leash on them. The cars generally slowed down for us. One father stopped and parked the mini van so his daughter could watch us go by. He said she was horse crazy. I told him that's how it begins!

There were a couple of guys doing some major yard work with heavy equipment. They saw us coming and took a break.

Cici handled all of this with great dignity and calmness. Cars, barking dogs, tractors, guy on ladder (which when V saw, she said, "Oh no, G does not do ladders!!!" fortunately the guy got off). I found it not too much fun. Okay glad we did it, but don't think V and I will be doing the road trip again soon. Want to trailer over to the woods and ride in the woods!

I had to work hard on staying relaxed. Okay my emotional fitness was put to the test. I worked hard at riding with a loose rein and loose seat. Constantly watching for cars, listening for dogs. G has shoes all the way around and watched him slide a bit on the down hills. Thankfully Cici is barefoot, but worried about her feet on the payment. Different things to be aware of in the woods. Maybe its just that this is new. But it didn't seem like enough fun to do again.

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