Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Just got home from a fantastic lesson with Avery. Major tune up. Just what we needed. I am so charged I can't even focus on my day job LOL. Just had to post something. I mean who else can I share my joy?!?!?

Of course what we worked on seems minor - we trotted the entire ring! But it has been such a struggle for me, and Cici. And Avery's help was quiet and so focused. Of course I "know" this stuff but applying it while in the saddle is a whole different story. Sometimes I think my mind leaves my body and hangs around over me twiddling its thumbs while I struggle to think! And reason.

Today I could relax while trotting and look where I was going - keep my focus out in front of us, around the corners and down the long side. And a part of me was amazed at my being able to focus so far out.

We eventually progressed to trotting big circles with the question box set up in the middle of the ring. First walked the circle then trotted. First one direction then the other. Each time rewarding Cici with a rest in the box when the circle was smoother and the trot consistent.

Avery explained about the 1% improvement each day. That goes for everything. That requires me to keep my wits about me and know what we did the previous time LOL. This should be a challenge and lots of fun. And I'm sure Cici will keep me on my toes! The other challenge is keeping things interesting for Cici. Not fall into patterns so that she starts to make assumptions and go right brain. We are definitely in left brain mode now!

Avery commented on our progress, both of us. That we have come a far distance from the last time she was here. That feels soooo good. I know we have come a long way. I couldn't trot a couple of months ago. Now to go around the arena! And wanting more more more. Slow down Jamie - 1% improvement each time is the way to partnership and success.

Just remembered that while I was in the paddock grooming Cici before the lesson a Sharp Shinned Hawk flew over the indoor, swooped the paddock and then circled the outside ring. A moment later a second Sharpy did the same. And during my lesson I heard a hawk calling. Hmmm how interesting


Kris Papi said...

Hey Jamie, I heard how good you did when Avery got back to the barn. Good for you! I know the feeling of having a great day with your horse. There's nothing like it and people that don't have horses don't understand.

~kim said...

Great to hear about your progress. Way to go!
I have to smile when you said that "Sometimes I think my mind leaves my body and hangs around over me twiddling its thumbs while I struggle to think!"

I so get that.

Applying what we learn while in the saddle AND while listening to the instructor gives me a whole new appreciation how my horse may feel a bit overwhelmed when I introduce something to her.
Thanks for the reminder to slow down.

JMG said...

Hey there Kris! That great day feeling is just so incredible. Yup nothing like it!

And Kim, great perspective on what it feels like for our horses.