Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

Went for a trail ride today with V and G. And pulled my phone out of my pocket to take a little video clip of the woods. Okay of G's butt! Be sure to turn off the volume, didn't realize it was recording my inanities. Clearly I need to work on my filming techniques. I've been watching other posts and they have these beautiful thru their horse's ears clips of mile after mile.

Cici took advantage of my inattention to grab a bite to eat as we were walking along. And since she has such a delightful Western pleasure head set when I held up the phone I was focusing way over her head and ears. Once I got the hang of it realized I needed to focus down a bit to include her in the picture. But hey this is a first. Holding on to loose rein with one hand and looking through the phone/camera with the other!

We are walking along "The Cart Path" in Pine and Beech woods that are now green and golden. We are on the bottom of the ridge, along a small brook off to the left. Lots of ferns along the side that are dying off for the coming winter, but have turned golden and russet. It is a steep decent to this trail, but its a lovely long relatively flat trail as opposed to most of the other trails we ride in these woods. The way back offers lots of different ways to clamber back up to the top of the ridge, including stepping over downed trees, crossing a stream, bushwacking and navigating rock outcrops. Cici is a trooper, she willingly walks through and over it all.


~kim said...

Hey great first try at videoing while riding! That was fun to watch. I was watching a movie a biker made on our same trails and looked up the camera they used. GoPro Helmet cam
I am *thinking* of getting one as it would be so much easier than trying to hold the camera up all the time. Perhaps I can find a less $$ one.

JMG said...

Hmmm helmet cams....ebay here we come!