Sunday, April 25, 2010

Second trail ride

Out again today. With Rebekah in what turns out to be her last trail ride as she is moving Patrick on Wednesday. I will certainly miss her. She is not moving all that far and said when I ready to trailer Cici she will pick us up. All I need to figure out is how to do the preparation. Used to just slap the saddle on and load her up. Now I'm thinking that I play on the ground, play with saddle, play under saddle. Untack and load and then tack up at the destination. And hope that it will not take too much time to get Cici's focus on me again. I think this is going to be an Oh Boy moment.

When I arrived at the barn I didn't see Cici standing about in her paddock. As I walked closer I saw that she was lying down! With the side of her face on the ground lying down. Moment of panic. What was wrong?!?!? I called to her and she lifted her head, but still stayed down, looked at me, then her eyes drooped and I swear she went back to sleep. As I got closer I could see that Casey was passed out a little ways away - asleep on the ground with his little legs out straight!

Seems Mary got up Early and feed everyone by 6 AM. Cici ate her fill, not a scrap left, and went to sleep. As did Casey.

I played with sideways, drive zone 3 -4, backing, circling and change of direction, and figure 8. She is really getting the figure 8. Willing to do the whole pattern without stopping. I am getting better, I hope, at assessing the quality of her trot on the circle. Canter is still a bit of a struggle for her. Yesterday I asked Linda to watch to help me. Turns out Cici was counter cantering very well to the left and a spider in a blender to the right.

Fun having all there different games, patterns, techinques to do. And develop and bring along and refine. A chance for both of us to grow.

Under saddle working on her stopping on my exhale. The other day better than today. But then it improved. Rebekah came up to the indoor with Patrick and we went out on the trails. Initially a bit more attitude from Cici as we walk by patches of grass. But she settles and just walks. With Georgie she was pushing him with Patrick she hangs back a bit. Writing this I think maybe I'll have to ask her to walk on. But then I remember that we will be out with Georgie more right now. No more Patrick for a little while.

I am feeling more and more confident. Think I am about where I used to be with Cici. Not as unconcerned as I was with Jeepers. But Cici is definitely listening to me. This is a big change.

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