Friday, April 23, 2010

Trail Rider Again

Today I went on a trail ride with Vivian and Georgie. It has been eight months. Guess it was time.

After ground play, saddle play and finally mounted play I went out. We only walk on these trails. They are basically deer paths, one horse wide and go up and down and around hills and rocks and water. Cici was quiet, soft, listening and only tried to reach for grass a couple of times.

I had thought about was I ready? Or more accurately when would I feel Cici and I were ready? Was it about her or was it about me? I've been saying I want the same relationship I have on the ground under saddle. I wanted a soft listening horse to ride out on the trails. And I've been asking myself what was the difference between going out now on her and when I rode her last year. That internal debate.

I know this was just one time. So I'll say for today this was a different horse than the one I rode last year. There was no snorting, no head tossing, no nose straight in the air, no constantly grabbing for grass or leaves off trees, no arguing with me if I picked up the reins. I am so pleased and so happy. And I hope Cici is also.

This is the horse I've been hoping would show up. Hope she keeps on coming out on the trails with me.

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