Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh boy!

I've been taking it nice and slow. Realized I need to build up my confidence, as well as Cici's. Eight months out of the saddle has been a long time. Especially considering how I came to be out!

Working in the indoor is getting better and better. Today I decided to venture out after a while inside. Walked out the door and Cici instantly became that dominant mare I had the first time I got on again LOL. The "I know what to do, you just sit up there and don't pick up the reins." Amazing or should I say hmmm how interesting, change the environment and she changes.

We walked down to the barn, stopped after a lot of resistance, and walked back up the hill. Into the indoor where she became soft and listening. Walked out the door and the other mare showed up.

Oh boy, new things to play with!

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