Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Undemanding time - Day 7

Okay I skipped a day. Today when I got to the paddock Dreamy came right over to greet me. Funny how these things work, the one you are paying no attention to pays attention to you and the one….. Jeeps was standing with her head in the corner and completely denied my existence for 30 minutes. It just didn’t feel right to me so I put my chair away walked over to her. Still not much of a reaction so I ran my hands all over her, listened to her gut – there is sound – so I got her halter and lead her out to see if she would be interested in grass. Yes! Then I ran into the barn owner and found out the vet had been there last night and Jeepers would not be caught! Wish I had been there. Betrayal. I had asked for her teeth to be checked because since they were floated about 6 weeks ago she has been creating these grass or hay rolls in the cheeks. Was worried she might have a loose tooth. So the vet checked her out and everything appears to be fine. Just Jeepers is feeling woman handled. So we grazed on the edges – weed whacked around the fence posts, gave her a bath.

Incredible how easy it is to change our horse's opinion of you. I hate the idea that she lumps me in with THEM. Back to more undemanding time to make it right

41.75 hours to go! (only counting the undemanding time I spent today)

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