Saturday, May 5, 2007

Undemanding time - Day 5

Quiet day. Went early this morning, Jeeps and Dreamy were just eating their hay. What was very interesting was when I placed my chair and sat down about 8 feet from Jeepers, she backed up. Threshold! So I moved my chair about 2 more feet away and she returned to her original position. How cool is that?!?!?

She and Dreamy swapped piles a couple of times. You know one moves to the other's pile and that one moves to the now empty pile.

After about 40 minutes Dreamy is closer to me but still eating and Jeepers leaves her pile and positions herself between me and Dreamy! This is the first time she has done this. Feeling confident are we? Because I have to be honest and say while I am observing both of them, I am how shall I say this, more interested in Jeepers and what Dreamy does is of interest in relation to Jeeps.

Maybe just maybe I am beginning to appear interesting enough for her assert her Alpha position in relation to me and Dreamy?

When I left the paddock even though I was planning on playing with her I decided to leave with my chair and then come back. Wanted our undemanding time to be just that, no hidden agendas like sit for a while then get halter and lead her away. So I left and returned maybe 10 minutes later. When she saw me - okay she didn't come to me - but she did lift her head and welcome the halter.

Went on a trail ride and she lost a shoe - got sucked off in that mud Lida has been complaining about. So no riding tomorrow.

43 hours left.

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