Sunday, May 6, 2007

Undemanding time - Day 6

Writing these posts is really helpful to me. I replay what I observed and get to dwell about what happened.

Jeeps is back in her original paddock, the grid. Today she is in the usual one and the gate is open to the next one where Dreamy and another mare Jaz are. When I sit down Jeeps looks like she is dozing (hard to tell about her eyes because she has a fly mask on, but head is down) with her nose into the corner of the roofed shelter. She notices me and within a couple of minutes she turns around and starts to walk out of the shelter. Just then Dreamy comes from the other paddock, walks thru the gate and positions herself, once again, between Jeeps and me, stopping Jeepers. Arrow #4 Protecting your herd of 2! Jeepers turns around and stands with head back in the corner. Dreamy stands guard for a few more minutes and then ambles towards me, then toward the fence and then she is behind me nosing my hair.

Dreamy leaves me and walks back thru the open gate into the other paddock. 10 more minutes and Jeeps again turns around and Dreamy again comes back thru the gate and this time positions her body so that Jeepers walks thru the gate into the other paddock. Jeeps goes into the shelter but stands parallel to the fenceline with her butt in the corner and I can tell she is looking at me thru the slats of wood. I have watched her in stalls stand along the wall and look thru the crack in the boards to the horse in the next stall. That is how it felt to me. And as soon as I notice this, Dreamy walks to block the view! Arrow #4 Protecting your herd of 2!

Dreamy goes into other paddock. I am left sitting in one paddock, alone, and the three horses are in the next. All I am hoping is that no one from the barn comes down to these paddocks and sees me sitting in an empty paddock with the gate closed. LOL.

So I go back to soaking up the sun, another blue sky afternoon, its in upper 50s today. I've been sitting for about 35 minutes. I'm kind of dozing drifting in the quiet eyes closed. I become aware that there is a change and open my eyes and Jaz has come into "my" paddock and is eating hay on the ground that is about 14 feet from me. I watch her and think she is going to eat her way to me. She gets to about 2 feet from my foot - I'm sitting with my legs crossed and my left foot is sticking out - and Jeepers comes steaming out of the far paddock in a straight line to me and blows Jaz away and touches my foot with her nose and turns around and goes back into the far paddock where Jaz has gone and Dreamy is! WOW! Arrow #4 Protecting your hear of 2! I became her herd of 2 today. For the moment.

42.25 hours to go!

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