Friday, May 4, 2007

Undemanding time - Day 4

Today Jeepers and her best bud Dreamy are in a different paddock with hay. This is a larger paddock and they are both eating at their respective piles when I get there. The sun is bright and I want to sit partially in the shade. I have to put my chair about 10 - 12 feet from Jeeps. I place the chair at the very edge of the sun/shade line and while Jeeps is eating facing south I sit facing north/east.

I do not immediately realize it but I am in her zone 4. I notice this when
almost immediately she backs up to put me in her zone 3. Hmmm how interesting. Now she stands and eats, and eats. Dreamy is eating about 8 feet away from her. Over the next 20 minutes or so Jeeps backs some more til I am in Zone 1. We are basically parallel. Then she slowing turns and faces her butt to me. Dreamy comes over to smell me and nibble and then walks past. And then comes to stand between me and Jeepers. Hmmm, how interesting.

The dance that is happening is amazing to watch. I see confident and then unconfidence and later confidence. I can clearly see Jeepers' thresholds.

With Dreamy between us she can advance towards me. Then at around 8 feet there is a threshold and she turns around and walks rather quickly over to Dreamy's pile of hay, around 20 feet away (I am visualizing the 12ft line and the 22ft line on the ground between us). Now she is confident again and relaxes and eats and wanders over to the water bucket for a drink and back to the hay. This is all done with relaxation in her body. And when she is eating she is facing directly towards where I am sitting. And slowly over another 20 - 30 minutes she keeps taking small steps towards me. I am thinking, hmmm guess I'll hang out some more and see if she can make it all the way to me. Oh no expectations, darn. So I sit and watch out of the corner of my eyes some more. Just when I feel she will walk in one straight line to me, Dreamy goes and positions herself once again between us. Perpendicular to me - a barrier between me and Jeeps.

More time and Jeepers walks around Dreamy toward me, oops toward the pile of hay nearer me. She is still facing me and as the minutes go by, no way am I going to leave and miss the ending here, she slowly comes closer and closer, occasionally lifting her head a looking at me. She gets to about 5 - 6 feet from me and and Dreamy appears and once again positions herself between us. Jeepers backs up. I've been with the two of them for a hour and a quarter by now and feel this dance can go one forever. Advance, retreat, advance, partner up, retreat.

This is so fascinating. I'm having a blast! Right now it feels like there is so much going on the time is flying. I can't wait for next installment. Using Lida's calculations of 48 hours I have only 44.+ left.

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