Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow snow and more snow

Had a blizzard Sunday night into Monday. Got 12 to 18" dumped with howling winds. I didn't make it to the barn on Monday, so today was the see how the girl and boy are doing day. Everything was plowed and cleared. Well except for out the back door of the indoor - the way to Cici and Casey's paddock. Drifts of snow are high so I get out my snow shovel and dig a path one shovel wide. Look back at it and realize this is not a place to be leading Cici with only an 8' line. So go and get a brand new 12' to have room if needed.

She is absolutely fine with all the deep snow. She greets me at the gate with a nicker. Oh how I love that sound. And after I dig out the gate she walks into the deep deep snow that is just about up to her belly! and waits for me.

She follows me quietly through the narrow path of snow, down into the indoor. She waits patiently while I take off her blankets, clean out the snow balls in her hoofs and then we play. Sideways, backing, circling. Rolling the ball. Paw pedestal. She trots both directions and I set up two small barrels. She trots the circle, see the barrels and canters, jumps the barrels and continues at a canter. Change of direction and she does the same thing.

This was wonderful as she has been so focused on put your foot on things that recently when I set up the barrels she paws them, noses them, nibbles on the covers. But no jumping them. Today it was different. Whoppee!

I am so happy at her attention. Seems a couple of days away does pay off.

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