Friday, December 10, 2010

Effective Phase 4

Casey, ah Casey. He has been quite the challenge recently. I've been playing with him but he won't play. I realize all he does is run in circles around me. Would not call it the circling game as it is all his idea. When he is tired he turns in and lick and chews and looks at me and then when he catches his breath off he goes again.

I've had that light bulb moment a while ago and if he comes in uninvited I send him back out. But his pinning of ears and nipping is not diminishing. Its escalating if anything. And asking him to back is quite honesty absolutely exhausting. Me. Exhausting to me. Something wrong with this picture?

I have a 12' lead on his halter and when we go to the ring I change it to a 22'. But during the switching leads he is biting nipping biting at my hands. So we battle it out. And it escalates. Not good.

Yesterday I set out to set things up for success. Switched leads before I haltered him! Duh!??!?! Another of those oh boy moments. And when I haltered him, which he stands quietly for, it was like he knew he would not be able to play the biting game. So he immediately went to bite me. I wiggled the rope to back him up. His head just went up in the air. I did full arm what I was thinking was phase 4 rope wiggling. Just stood there with nose up. My emotional fitness was out the window.

I took a step back. Organized myself. Organized my rope and did a flick the rope so the snap waps his nose. Hit him square on the side of his nose/mouth. Did I ever get his attention! Of course for a moment I was concerned that I had hurt him and wondering at vet and dentist bills. He licked and licked and licked and stayed the 4 paces back he had walked when it wapped him.

We walked quietly out of the paddock and into the ring. He was full of energy and was racing around on the 22'. When I asked him to come in he did quickly as usual. And when I asked him to not get so close and back up....Phase 1 didn't have any effect, but Phase 2 - a salute, yes ma’am and how far back to you want??? and he fast backed 4 steps.

Holy cow!!!! Who would have thought????? Never such respect!!!!! Can't wait to see him today!

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