Sunday, December 12, 2010


I never thought I'd use that description but is sure is apt. And much nicer than other words that come to mind.

Cici and Casey are at a "normal" barn. Most people there kind of look at me as a bit weird but harmless. Well maybe they think I'm an annoyance as I play with Cici and Casey as they are riding in the ring. But I keep telling them I can keep my horses off the track. Which is the only place they ride.

The pedestal is in the ring. Not quite on the center line at one end. I come in on day 5 to find the pedestal has been moved back to the corner. I ask one of the boarders who also teaches some kids if she moved it. Yes, there were 5 kids in the ring and there was no room to circle. And S, of the other "trainers", was concerned that her horses were spooking at the pedestal.

By all means remove the offending object. Don't train your horses. How can I tell them its Not about the PEDESTAL? I know breathe in breathe out. Calm down, lighten up. Stop grinding my teeth at the absurdity.

Today a nice kid who has been watching me play with Cici and been copying some things - brought in all sorts of play items for ground play - is riding and cantering around the ring. The horse is not happy, wringing her tail and bucking. The kid's Mom asks if this is the horse's easier way and kid says S (trainer) told her to start out with the harder side first. This I could not let go as I was talking with Mom. Told her this was nuts. And I could not keep quiet. Why start out harder? Why not set things up for success and build on that success?!?!?!

Mentioned that yesterday when Cici was leaping in the air one person was very surprise. Seems they think Cici is quiet, calm and perfect all the time. She is a horse! And a mare! She can change her mind. We play on the ground so that we can have safe rides.

End of rant. I promise. Or will try to promise.

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