Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stumpy and the deer

There is an old tree stump around the corner on the trail out. When V noticed it for the first time she thought it was a wild pig! And that he was going to charge! We've since named him Stumpy.

Today as we were heading to the Precipice Trail, I saw deep in the woods another larger stump. I hadn't noticed it before but now that the leaves are gone everything looks so very different. Constantly seeing things that are now exposed.

Cici was walking along quietly and I kept looking at this large roundish form. Just as I was about to mention it to V and ask her what we should name it, I glanced to the side and realized there were two large deer standing silhouetted among the bare trees!

It wasn't a stump! It was a full grown deer lying down deep in the woods! We continued walking down the trail and the deer continued resting.

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