Saturday, January 16, 2010

Walking together

Today I took Cici out hand walking on the trails. We've been doing this recently as I am feeling more confident in how my arm is doing. Usually just a maybe 5-8 minute walk in the woods with Vivian and Georgie.

Today Rebekah was at the barn and I asked her if she was going out and wanted company. So she rode and I walked. Did the entire Fisher Cat trail. Up and down hills. Stops to catch my breathe.

It was only when we got back that I realized the difference between the first time I took Cici out for a hand walk when she first came into my life and today. The first time we went out she crowded me, bumped into me, had to be in front or beside me. Head up. Snorting. No trail walking manners, no awareness of me.

Today she walked with me. Behind me when the trails were narrow and I asked, and beside me when there was space. She was relaxed, stopping to nibble at the pine needles, take a mouthful of snow. There was no rushing, no crowding. Okay I stopped and she bumped her head into my back (just like Jeeps used to). But it was a friendly bump.

It was like what we have been doing in the ring. Nice to see all the stick to me we've done translate to the trails!

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