Friday, December 4, 2009

Standing still

I am thinking and chewing myself. When I put the turnout on Cici - that is when she will finally stand still and not move away from me, after lots of approach and retreat - that she stands still. I mean right brain going inside still. Rock still. I'm not there still.

Once the blanket touches her, she is still, still, still. I'm beginning to wonder if she is even breathing still. I usually wind up with the blanket folded on her back. And because I am basically one handed I move it around a lot. And she stands still. I unfold it on her back, trying to figure out where the front it, where the back is, where the surcingles are. And she stands still through all of this. Until I am finished with all the buckles buckled and surcingles surcingled.

My "hmmm how interesting" has caused me to ask where is the chewing? The relaxation? The engagement? Can I get her to chew? I decided to experiment and I gave her a treat. Got her chewing. Put the blanket on her. She stopped chewing. So I gave her another treat. Momentary dilemma because I've added something different to the equation. Stand still or take the treat. Taking the treat means she is engaging with me. She took it and chewed, and chewed the first one and while she was still physically standing still she was engaged!

I sorted the blanket on her back and now with her feet still she is turning her head to me at her sides - lateral flexion - and looking for another treat. I don't have any more and I get her blanket front to back and buckled! And she is still with me emotionally!

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