Monday, July 6, 2009

Trail Ride

Its been the Fourth of July looong weekend and I've enjoyed the trails with Cici and friends, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Rebekah and I trailer over to Noon Hill for an "off property" ride. Cici was a delight in just walking on the trailer and immediately chowing down on the hay. The drive is maybe 12 minutes, unloaded like the pro she is and stood quietly while I tightened her girth, put her bridle on and mounted.

She was ready to go! Patrick decided he didn't like the look of what looked like a plaster cast of a dinasour bone, don't ask me what it was doing at the trail head, so Cici lead off. Ears forward and a swinging walk. Now this is the first time I've taken her to a new trail. Okay I've gotten over the first time to a clinic, and the first time out on a trail ride. Guess I am making a bigger thing about it. More about my thresholds LOL, not hers. Hmmm how interesting. I write thinking I'm writing about Cici and I find I'm writing about me.

She was walking out! And we were leaving Patrick behind. We swapped off leading. Deep woods, tall trees with vibrant canopy of greens. The beginning trails are wide - some rocky most smooth ground. The only sounds are the birds and horseshoes on rocks, creak of the leather and our voices. Didn't see anyone. Squirrels, chipmunks, birds, a toad yes.

Cici walked through mud, water, over rocks, downed trees, up a rock wall, over a wooded bridge. Nothing seemed to faze her. And I didn't do too bad either LOL.

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