Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The horse that shows up

Between the rain and trail riding I have been playing on the ground with Cici. She is getting more and more comfortable with me and with this comfort is coming more dominance. And more LBI behavior. The Why should I do that? What's in it for me?

So I'm having to rethink what I doing. Backing is stuck, circling is stuck, she likes stick to me - well after a little convincing. Disengaging hindend and forehand are softening, playing with the ball - got it on her back on the right side! Some days she is more willing for me to play on the right side as opposed to the left. We have not reached a balance yet. Seems to be one side or the other. And I know better than to assume which side on which day!

Saddling is the same. Some days I do everything from the right! Some days I can mix it up. Some days its only from left. Mounting has been mostly from the right. I'm the one learning here it seems. Have you ever tried to mount smoothly from the right? After how many years of mounting from left?!?! And then out at Noon Hill's trail ride she was fine about my mounting from the left at the trailer and again out in the woods. Okay I get it, work with the horse that shows up!

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