Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Circling Game

Struggling, still struggling. Have a lesson coming up in a week and a half with Kelly and I want to show some progress. Maybe that's the problem. Think I need to have it perfect by then? No that's not it. I just would like a little better send.

Today I went back to putting the plastic bag on the carrot stick. Backing up still very sticky. But am getting a couple of steps. Then I ask and send with the plastic bag laden carrot stick savvy string. Surprise! Cici went out and out and I let the lead slide through my hand til she was almost at the end. She continued for maybe 1/3 of the way around then turned and faced and walked in to me. I thanked her for coming in and asking a question, backed her up a couple of steps and asked and sent her again. Again out almost all the way 1/3 around and turned and came back to me. This was all to the left.

This time when she came in she was giving me her right eye. Cici is very sensitive and lets me know when the pressure on one side or the other is too much. So I took the opportunity to ask her to go to the right. She took maybe 2 or 3 steps and immediately turned sharply back to me. I thanked her. Waited for her to thinking and chew and asked again. Still staying in close and only a couple of steps.

It was hot and humid today. I thought about how she was now standing facing me showing me her left eye. Hmmm how interesting. Too much right side pressure? I have to chew on this. I thought about the nice send on the left and decided I was going to stop for the day. Let her eat more grass.


Tina said...

Just a thought: The big thing Pat harped on in the Madison celebration spotlights was getting the horse to the END of the rope. Your hand should be touching the leather. Once I finally started doing it, it helped some of our circling issues as well as other games.

I'd love to hear what Kelly has to say about your send!

Lisa said...

I have found that *everything* in my circle game depends on the quality of my send. Not just how effective it is (i.e. does the horse leave) but is it a QUALITY send? Sometimes Cricket's definition of quality is much higher than mine. *sigh* I guess that's why they call it a "journey." Can't wait to see what Kelly says. She's a fab instructor!

JMG said...

Sorry it took so long for me to acknowledge your comment. Yes it is all about the send. I was not assertive enough to get her to the end of the rope. And consequently the send was not there and she didn't have to pay attention to me!