Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Taking the time it takes.

Since we hadn't done all that much riding on Monday, I arranged to meet Rebecca for an afternoon trail ride. Okay today I was going to do ground work and riding PNH tasks before going out on the trails. After I had groomed and tacked her up, saddle nice and loose we walked to the ring. Jeepers was displaying the same high energy that she had in the indoor at the clinic. Hmmm, how interesting. Glad I was taking the time to work with her before mounting up and going out. Circle game was a bust, she would not even back up and stand still for a send. So worked on the half circle along the fence into sideways. Great way to get her attention. Work on driving the hind quarters - just like at the clinic, driving the front. Now backup and finally circling game. Switched to the 22 foot line. Bigger circle. Asked for trot. Nice transition. Asked for walk. From clinic asked with just the slightest movement of rope. No reaction. A little more movement. No reaction. She is on auto polite. Had to go to a phase 4 rope movement. But as I writing this maybe I could try pointing the stick in front of her and see if that will get her attention. So we worked on up and down transitions and finally change of direction. Not working so went to work on S's and then a bit of Falling Leaf. Wow I have all these different things I can do. Worked on getting two eyes and not settling for less than. Slowly she gave me more and more focus.

So I got on her. Back to the big walk - lots of energy again like on Sunday at the clinic. Thinking once again, thank heavens I am taking the time now before doing out on the trails. Lots of bending to a stop. Lifting reins for back up. Practiced lifting ribs and circling. My using a long focus. Getting lighter and lighter and after a while she began to listen and get soft and stop when I just lifted the reins. Spent about 45 minutes and then went out on the trails with a quiet listening horse.
Which was a good thing because of the flies she keep shaking her head and shook most of the way off her ear protectors. As I reach forward to get them back on, my sunglasses fell off. She stood quietly. I hopped off, got my glasses and took off her ears things. Walked her over to a mound of earth, to use as a mounting block and all this time she was calm and waiting. Got back on and continued our ride. So soft so quiet. Hmmm, how intereting.

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