Saturday, July 7, 2007

Back on track.

I gave Jeepers Thursday off. Friday only played on the ground. Bugs awful. Hard for both of us to focus. So I didn't push it.

Today was meeting Vivian to go out on the trails. So I got to the barn early. Jeeps was eating breakfast with her girl friends but lifted her head to me. After grooming we played in the ring. She was quiet and a bit more focused. Did put your nose on with success today. Driving hind end is looking pretty good. Driving front is a problem. So I broke it down and used my hands - one of face, one on shoulder - and asked for only one step over. Will build on this. When I mounted she was not in her big walking mode and quickly and quietly bent to a stop and when I lifted both reins for back up she was soft and listening.

On the trails I lifted a rein and she stopped. Way to go! Did "short" trail which entails a patch of bushwhacking. She was soft and quiet. Saw two Fisher Cats climb a huge tree. Wow!

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