Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love love love

It has been so Hot Hot Hot and HUMID that I've just cleaned the paddock and hand grazed Cici and sometimes Casey. No play no riding no games. For weeks! Guess its been lots and lots of love.

This past weekend July 24-25 Amelia's here for a workshop. And I decided for Sunday instead of bringing the horses to the workshop I'd just bring the workshop to the horses! So piled 20 people into a bunch of cars and caravaned from Solstice Healing Center to Mary's Castle of Friesians. Amelia started with a pairs exercise where one person closes their eyes while their partner guides them through the world experiencing smells, sounds, touch. I brought Cici into the outside ring and we stood and waited. The guide would bring their person gently to Cici and the "blind" person would have their hands out in front of them.

Amelia had asked Cici if she would mind. I told Cici the people where coming to love her. She stood perfectly still. Strange hands reached out to touch her neck, mane, her cheeks, her nose. She blew gently on them. She turned and blew gently on me. She nuzzled me while they touched her. I nuzzled her and kissed her soft nose. I closed MY eyes and breathed her into me. And Margaret thought we had Woodstock before. This was a time of love - flowing love, healing love.

My magical energy horse turned to some of the people and put her nose in their hands. Others she gently turned her face away but did not move away. She was a willing participant.

Then everyone sat in a semi circle as Amelia guided them in a medical gestalt. I walked Cici around in a circle, while they were meditating. We played quietly, change of direction, a bit of turns and then I looped her lead around her neck and we walked as one.

This day Cici was the most demonstrative she has ever been in her love to me. She constantly nuzzled me, blew in my hair, put her nose to my mouth so we could exchange breaths, gave me her nose for kisses.

Amelia payed us the highest compliment - that we look so alike. Two blond girls. She said Cici absolutely adored me. I know I absolutely adore her. Tears. Sigh.

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