Saturday, November 14, 2009


I seem to be focused on Cici nostrils as an indicator of how she is. We played in the indoor - place of lots of flaring LOL. I set up two cones to use for yo-yo game, want to work on backing. I notice immediately that she is not flaring her nostrils but seems instead to be contracting them. Her nose has a wrinkle in it, her lower chin is tight. I ask her first walk between the cones, then back and give her time to just think about what she has done.

I stand facing her, looking at her nostrils. The right one is larger, longer top to bottom, than the left one. Not flared. I wonder if maybe I'm nuts in what I think I've been seeing. Maybe her nostrils are just different sizes. That is possible. And maybe I've just been imagining things.

As I am having these thoughts Cici looks directly at me and slowly lengthens her left nostril so that it is the same size as the right!

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