Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Attention vs intention

Yesterday a friend came to visit with Casey (she just adores him) and Cici. She brought an apple for each. She was totally focused on Casey, oh fussed a bit over Cici, but it was Casey she wanted to see. And of course Casey was being himself and took the apple and really didn’t want to have anything else to do with her since no more food. He usually loves to have his arm pits scratched and my friend was really looking forward to accommodating him. But he would not let her near.

Thinking about this – I’ll go with too much intention! She was so focused on scratching him I think it was too much focused energy on his sides, and while he never went far he stayed just out of reach.

Cici, who now completely views me has hers and my time in the paddock all about "us" was like "hey what about me?!?!" I did scratch her, but quickly got distracted by my friend and Casey. No attention. Cici turned around and did a gentle body block on me with her hind end. And then she stood there with her butt facing me! Talk about intention! LOL

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