Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can horses tell time?

Went to the barn around lunch and rode Cici in the ring. I mentioned to her that we would not be riding for a long time and we would be done by 2:00.

After her initial testing, making sure I was certain I really wanted her to trot, she was soft and forward. Lovely out on the trails trot. We played with the cloverleaf pattern and my not picking up the reins for the turns. And most of the time she was willing to maintain the trot through the question box.

Then crossing the ring in the middle she slowed down and stopped. We were facing the long wall. When I lifted the reins for her to go forward she started to go sideways to the left. I love that she offers things so I shifted my weight and allowed her to continue. She went sideways past the tack room door. Kept going a bit further then stopped and swung her hind end onto the track and stopped.

We were now on the track with my left shoulder close to the wall. I glanced over to the wall and found I was sitting right at the clock. Eye level. And the clock said 2:00!

Laughed so hard I just had to get off. Who can argue with such logic?!?!

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