Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Horses and Husbands

Another conversational blog by Jamie Greenebaum & Jolene McDowell

Jamie: My husband is not a rider. I started to say not a horse lover, but that is not quiet true. While he is not comfortable around them himself, he totally supports my horse addiction, even enabling it.

I broke my arm a few years ago when Cici was stung by a bee on her belly and leapt in the air. I fell to the ground. As I was waiting for the bones to heal, Robert drove me to the barn every day. “Take as long as you need” he’d tell me, and he’d sit in the car reading a book. I would sit in the paddock with Cici and Casey.

“Why are you doing this? I know how upset you are about the accident and how you blame Cici.” His response? “You need horse time to completely heal.”

Jo said: What a heartwarming story, Jamie. A few years ago I was in the running for first place in State in my Hunter-Jumper division. Every competition counted. The week of our biggest competition, I got a call from my son, saying their second child was on the way. I wrote off the competition and hopped on a plane, arriving into town before the baby. I was privileged to spend the week with them, helping out.

Mentally I had given up the competition, but as my plane landed back in Salt Lake City my trainer called, “The competition is running late, and if you hurry, you can make it.” I started to tell her I was just getting off the plane when my husband buzzed thru saying, “Honey, I have been watching this competition and it’s running late. I got your clothes (out of the dirty clothes), I’ve warmed up your horse, and I think we can make it if you drive straight there.” I told my trainer, drove straight to the competition, changed in the back of the trailer, and got to the ring 30 seconds before my turn in the arena.

I think what we’re both trying to say is that whether they ride or not, whether they practice Parelli or not, it’s hard to do horses without support, and husbands can be a remarkable support.

Jamie said: I've noticed posts on Parelli Connect regarding husbands. How they have given their wives the opportunity to reconnect with their dream of horses. How they build things such as barns, slow feeders, cavaletti. Dig post holes and put up fencing. Even go ranch shopping! And how they are there for their horse crazy women.

Jo said: My husband calls himself “A Desperate Horse Husband”, but it’s always with a smile on his face.

We have different styles. He’s an old cowboy type, who was riding bareback from childhood. I think it’s important to support each other respectfully, no matter what our styles. While my husband doesn’t “practice Parelli”, I did notice him saying “Well, Parelli says . . .” when a friend mentioned a problem with his horse the other day. He had it right, so I just walked away quietly with a smile on my face.

Jamie said: I think my husband would agree with “Desperate Horse Husband”! While he is not involved with horses, he often tells me to “Go to the barn.” I pause and thank him for his willingness to share me with my horses.

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