Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moving to LB

Lesson with Avery. In preparation I spent an hour online seeing how Cici was feeling. Started out with the 45 and touch it, step on the cone, sideways over the barrel, sideways down the wall without my moving my feet. A bit of friendly and porcupine for backing. And on to circling. Cici loves the 45. She loves to drift out and circle.

I start to ask for changes of direction on the circle when she is moving slow. Noticing that she will now stop and just pull back when I ask for her to turn in to me. How interesting. After a number of changes of direction she agrees it is just easier to move at the gait I request.

When I ask Avery about this later she says Cici is being dominant. LB dominant. Oh no! LOL

Move over to the cones for figure 8 and change to the 22'. I've kept one clean - was washed - for the lesson. The others weight a ton with mud and dirt. Start asking for change in the center and Cici goes into bucking, leaping, galloping. I encourage her to keep moving and then ask her in with extreme friendly.

Almost an hour of a horse who really doesn't want to move and then bam! Moving for sure! And now Avery comes into the ring. I ask her about Cici cone-nection - where she goes to a cone and put her foot on it and stops - looking very pleased with herself. What is this about and how do I get her to move? More LB behavior apparently!

Avery had me ask for change of direction each time Cici went to a cone and stopped. And then to circle around both cones once before asking for change in the center for figure 8. Talked about keeping the bubble of my circle the same size. That for every step I take back I need to do the same number forward for the draw and drive to be equal. Hmmm how interesting.

Cici sure was moving now. Certainly RB. She goes RB when learning anything new. Today we play with figure 8s at a trot and canter. She was moving her feet. Took a while before she was able to slow her feet and mind.

Mounted up to see if we could continue to work on this. Riding her the issue was when she stops. Walking around the ring and she stops. Back up and then direct rein to change direction. But only want to see her eye (like in dressage) and the move her shoulders over. Avery got me a kidz carrot stick to tap on her shoulder - said to annoy more than anything.

So stop? Okay lets back and then change direction, oh and move those shoulders first. Lots to think about (me). Practiced at walk and trot. And wow what a difference in quality of gait. Had a free hip swinging walk and a forward moving trot. Awesome. Now all I need to do LOL is remember everything and practice!

Avery said Cici will test me a lot. That she will become dominant and LB and she might get worrying and RB. But test she will!

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