Monday, April 18, 2011

Casey the impossible horse

I've been reading the book with that title to Casey. I sit on the rock and read to him. Cici continues to eat her hay. Its all about him after all. Casey just stands right in front of me. Quietly. No inching to nip. No biting. Just watching and listening. A perfect gentleman.

A few days later I notice that Casey seems a bit quiet. Not nudging me. And he is hanging out at the gate. I look him over, check his feet and go sit on another rock. The paddock has a variety of rock seating. He comes over and I start to tell him a story, I don't have the book with me, about a little boy named Casey and his adventures.

My little Casey just stands in front of me and listens. I reach out and stroke his face from forelock to nose. Gently time and again. I have NEVER, EVER been able to do this with him. He always tosses his head, tries to bite me, moves out of reach. But as I am telling him the story its like he has fallen under a spell.

And of course my thoughts are is there something medically wrong with him?

Today I once again take the time to sit and talk with Casey. He comes over and stands quietly. And allows me to stroke his face.

Is this the missing piece? He wants to hear me talk to him. Talk in that story telling voice. Oh I do talk to him, but it is usually Stop nipping! Back up out of my space! Back up! Put your ears forward. Ouch!!!!

Can the answer to our relationship be something so simple?

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JMG said...

Yes it was a medical condition - reaction to spring shots. But I told the little character that now that I have experienced what it is like to be able to stroke his face gently I will not stop in my quest to achieve this!