Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's next?

I realize I have achieved my goal of feeling confident with Cici on the trails. She is listening and soft, much softer on the trail than in the ring LOL. She is not perfect - still grabbing for grass, leaves, anything green. But we are feeling together more and more out on the trails. We have even begun to trot on the trails.

I realize this is where Jeepers and I were. And I was very happy there. I'd do my pre-ride check with Jeeps in a couple of minutes and then off we'd go. With Cici I am much more thorough with my pre-ride check. And it takes longer.

With Jeeps I'd bring her to barn and visit with Rebekah and Vivian as we all groomed. Now I groom Cici in her paddock or the indoor and spend my time with groundwork while my friends are in the barn grooming and tacking their horses. I get to the barn at least an hour before them to make sure that Cici and I are ready to go out. I am clearly seen the benefits of this in my relationship with her. And we are having fun on the trails.

But what's next? What do I want? How do I continue to focus on my PNH journey? I'm confused about what it is I want and how to get there. Aarggghhh!

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